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June 1st, 2023

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12 weeks

Commitment: 20hrs /week
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Cloud-Dataops Training Overview

The 12-week Cloud-DataOps-Data Engineer Training is a comprehensive program designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge to excel in data engineering. Participants gain hands-on experience through practical exercises, projects, and real-world case studies, and graduate with a solid understanding of designing, building, and maintaining large-scale data systems in the cloud. It’s an excellent opportunity for individuals looking to enhance their data engineering skills and advance their careers in the industry.

At a Glance

Program Modules

  • Explore core data concepts 
  • Explore relational data 
  • Explore non-relational data 
  • Explore data analytics 
  • Data engineering on Azure 
  • ADLS Gen2 
  • Synapse Analytics
  • Use Azure Synapse serverless SQL pool to query files in a data lake 
  • Use Azure Synapse serverless SQL pools to transform data in a data lake 
  • Create a lake database in Azure Synapse Analytics 
  • Secure data and manage users in Azure Synapse serverless SQL pools
  • Analyze data with Apache Spark in Azure Synapse Analytics 
  • Transform data with Spark in Azure Synapse Analytics 
  • Use Delta Lake in Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Analyze data in a relational data warehouse
  • Load data into a relational data warehouse
  • Manage and monitor data warehouse activities in Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Analyze and optimize data warehouse storage in Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Secure a data warehouse in Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Build a data pipeline in Azure Synapse Analytics 
  • Use Spark Notebooks in an Azure Synapse Pipeline
  • Plan hybrid transactional and analytical processing using Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Implement Azure Synapse Link with Azure Cosmos DB
  • Implement Azure Synapse Link for SQL
  • Get started with Azure Stream Analytics 
  • Ingest streaming data using Azure Stream Analytics and Azure Synapse Analytics 
  • Visualize real-time data with Azure Stream Analytics and Power BI
  • Introduction to Microsoft Purview
  • Discover trusted data using Microsoft Purview
  • Catalog data artifacts by using Microsoft Purview
  • Manage Power BI assets by using Microsoft Purview
  • Improve data governance and asset discovery using Power BI and Microsoft Purview integration.
  • Integrate Microsoft Purview and Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Explore Azure Databricks
  • Use Apache Spark in Azure Databricks
  • Use Delta Lake in Azure Databricks
  • Use SQL Warehouses in Azure Databricks
  • Run Azure Databricks Notebooks with Azure Data Factory

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